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This website sets out to offer resources on wider estate church issues.

How you adapt these resources for your own needs will be of interest to me.  I hope you will use the comment boxes to let me know about this, or any gaps you experience in the resources available to mission and ministry in our localities.

(Poetry and Worship can be found at : joehaslerpoetry.co.uk  ).

(The Northern Ark Mission Initiative may also be of interest to you and is about the development of six collaborating housing estate parishes in the north of Bristol.

This has now been incorporated into:   theologyforall.org.uk  ).

This site is about resourcing those involved in housing estate ministry. The resources are aimed particularly for places that are predominantly occupied by the white working class. These resources can be found under these headings.

    • 1. Working class culture and Ministry.
    • 2. Working class culture and Liturgy.
    • 3. Working class culture and Learning.
    • 4. Working class culture and Community Development.
    • 5. Theoretical considerations

This site is also about my own thinking called:

  •  6. Other stuff.
  • a.  Publications List.
  • b.  Northern Ark publications.
  • c.  Reviews of books about which my opinion has been sought
  • d.  Other papers about related issues.
  • 7. Links


Personal note.

In 1972 I found myself living in an ex–Methodist manse on a council housing estate in Birmingham. In a household of young Christians, I found myself back amongst the surrounding white working class culture of my childhood, although it took me many years to be able to put words to that cultural awareness. I was employed as a community development worker on this housing estate at a time when most of such work was being done in the inner-city housing action areas. From then on I worked among, and mostly lived in, the council built homes of Birmingham, Essex, Liverpool and Bristol. With the on-set of my mid-life crises, I was ordained as a deacon, and then a priest, in the Church of England. Since then I have lived in council house areas and worked as a parish priest.

The resources on offer here are based on my 25 years experience of being a parish priest and, prior to those, 17 years as a community development worker.



4 thoughts on “….Welcome”

  1. Dear JoeIt is a good to find this resource. A colleague asked me about something and I though of Northern Ark and I found this and your poetry.I hope all is well with you. We met in Bristol. I was based with the East Bristol Partnership. I always enjoyed our conversations around Jazz and am enjoying currently how it connects with theology in groups. Since then I have used some of your material and that of David Lloyd’s in a thesis about sharing ministry through learning. Thanks for your inspiration.I work for a charity Alabaré and I am looking for a voluntary Christian chaplain, lay or ordained, who might support the homes for clients we have in Weston. The clients are adults with learning disabilities and those who have been at risk of being homeless. Do you know of anyone who might find this interesting or have any contacts I might explore please?ThanksKeith Thomasson

  2. Hi Joe, really blessed to know you have a site. I’m from soumead in bristol and have been doing some study at the baptist collage read you booklet, mind, body and estates, found it really god do you know of any other resource? Jaxon

    1. ‘Estate churches tool kit’ is soon to be launched at NECN conferences next week. google estate churches network – conference 2018.

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