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  • Highly recommended  is a practical example of the ideas and themes of this website.

  • The main networking resource for those in housing estate ministry –·

  • ·         Well respected and longstanding resource to urban theologians and practitioners –

  • ·         Lively urban blog with imaginative slants from Liverpool–

  • chairperson of estates network and important urban theologian

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  1. Hi Joe,Thank you for this site and the very interesting stuff on it. I am a parish priest working in Dorset in a parish which is a village which has grown as a large estate has been built over the years. I recognise much of what you talk about as we struggle as a church to reach ordinary people on our estate.Also, I have been doing a lot of research on churches and mid week visitors – many people do wander into church buildings when they are open for all sorts of reasons. One of the things I have found is that many churches on estates are never open other than for services or community or church events. This seems like a missed opportunity to, somehow, connect ‘the street’ with ‘the home’ . It may be that this is completely unrealistic but I would welcome your thoughts on this.

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