Prayer and Protest

From Demonstration
to Contemplation

Out! Out! Out!
Come and join the shout,
Kill the rich
Feed the poor,
Make things equal,
Safe and sure.

Out! Out! Out!
Come and do the shout,
Poll the tax,
Whites and blacks,
Make it fair
And end despair

Out! Out! Out!
Come and cry the shout,
We’re so aware
For the need of prayer,
Beside the choice
To give a voice.

Out! Out! Out!
Demo’s will cry out,
Lament be clear
Attack that fear
With prayers that wait,
Seep, and integrate
Into the noise and shrill;
Bring the poise of still.

From Contemplation
to Demonstration

Tip-toe, hushed, slowly, to the quieted place,
To find in prayer the sweetness of God’s grace,
For surely silence, solitude will give
Solace for the things for which I live.

Should I be surprised; there are many here,
I came alone? Yet each have come sincere,
To bask in love; than to bend God’s ear,
Although some needs are clearly quite severe.

As we note some tales, and their injustice.
That other’s lives involve unhappiness,
In compassion, we in agitation:
Driven to protest and demonstration!


It may be true that intercession
Begins in adoration:
And that demonstration
Begins in contemplation.