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I began my practical exploration many years ago. My theoretical understandings were brought together and developed when I undertook a M. Phil thesis at University of Wales. Cardiff, when I was 52. That and subsequent work underpins my theoretical understanding of Mission and Working Class Culture.

Issues like: Is there still a distinctive sub culture that is a descendant of the tradition we understand as the working class ? When do we use class as a cultural definition and when as an economic one? These issues can be tedious if the answers seem obvious but the need to be treated seriously if mission intervention is to stand up to scrutiny.

The booklet based upon my original study is now downloadable here. Click for       1. Mind body estates Booklet        This booklet looks mainly at the internal structure of housing estate life and the correlation between the culture and the housing estate church.

The local church still has to find its way in a ‘professional and managerial culture’ – the product of mainly suburban Britain. Crying out for a Polycentric Church examines the place of working class churches in what is still largely a suburb-centric institution. click here for:   2. Crying out for a polycentric church.

There is always a danger of being self convinced so I am proud to feature an independent assessment of some of these theoretical considerations. Richard Kellow offers this. Click for:

3. Kellow_Critical Analysis of Joe Hasler_s Approach to Culturally Relevant Mission in Contemporary White Working Class Britain.

Finally much of what is said on this site is about the people we love and hope for kingdom promises. There is a concern about who intervenes and what gifts and skills do they need.

Click here for : 4. enabling ministry 1st draft

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